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Catherine V. Holmes

How to Draw Cool Stuff: The 5 Minute Workbook

How to Draw Cool Stuff: The 5 Minute Workbook

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Five minutes may not seem like a lot of time to allow yourself to work on a drawing, as artists have been known to take days, months, and even years to complete a single work of art. However, as this book will prove, you can draw some really cool stuff in just under five minutes. By limiting their time, artists will start to see only the most essential parts of a subject while communicating action, movement, and expression into one timed drawing.

This book is jam-packed with step-by-step lessons for drawing cool objects quickly – in 5-minutes or less! Author, artist, and instructor Catherine V. Holmes will start by teaching you how to quickly interpret basic information onto paper using simple but meaningful lines made with purpose. Start by observing, then draw the main shapes within your object. Next, you’ll find simple lines and smaller shapes that build on the original ones, blocking in areas with lines and curves to represent the major details of your subject. The final steps should be filling your subject in with tone and refining shadows and highlights.

Drawing under a time limit is a wonderful exercise that will help you learn how to draw more instinctively and gain a better understanding of form. The final outcome is not meant to be a polished drawing, but rather an all-around practice exercise that will improve your game and help you draw really some cool stuff with ease. The fifth book in the
How To Draw Cool Stuff series, this exciting new title will teach you how to create simple illustrations using basic shapes and a drawing technique that simplifies the process of drawing, all while helping you construct height, width, and depth in your work. It will guide you through the creative thought process and provide plenty of ideas to get you started.


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