A Creative Outlet Using “How to Draw Cool Stuff”

How to Draw Cool Stuff
We use creativity every day in every aspect of our lives. From creative problem solving to the simple appreciation of beauty, the act of creating can provide a platform to explore experiences within yourself and help communicate information to others. One important way to do this is through art and drawing. Whether the goal is to become a skilled artist, create a likeness, express a feeling or simply just to create interesting things, drawing is a great way of improving concentration, expressing individuality and providing pleasure for yourself.

“How to Draw Cool Stuff” offers specific exercises with step-by-step guidelines for drawing a variety of subjects. Each lesson starts with an easy-to-draw shape that will become the basic structure of the artwork. From there, each step adds elements to that structure, allowing the artist to build on their creation and make a more detailed image. To enrich the learning experience, every project comes with text that focuses on the big ideas and concepts of the lesson, essential questions and a final performance task. Following these exercises is a great way to practice your craft and start seeing things in terms of simple shapes within a complex object.

The ability to draw is a skill that is learned, not a gift we are born with. Everyone has the ability to become a skilled artist through practice and patience. The more practice, the better the outcome. Anyone can do it, and the growth and improvement never stops as long as there is a desire to create. The lessons in “How to Draw Cool Stuff” offer guidelines to follow for the creation of specific objects. This does not necessarily mean that these ideas should be copied exactly as they are printed without deviation from the original. Sometimes it is necessary to copy when first learning how to draw a specific object. Even tracing can be an acceptable practice as one is learning how to draw; however, it is important to not be too concerned with trying to make your drawing look just like the one in the book. Your unique (and sometimes imperfect) approach is what will make an artwork engaging and beautiful. It can be significant to see what will happen when creating a work of art rather than making something specific happen. An idea that you start with can turn into something completely different. If this begins to happen, let it. Once an artist becomes engaged in the process of creating, beautiful and unique things can happen. Oftentimes, the process of creating is even more valuable than the outcome. The act of drawing can offer an escape from reality, a way to pass the time, a way to relax and become something enjoyable to do.

It is important to explore and experiment as you draw. One obstacle that is difficult to overcome as you draw is the idea of what other people think of your work or comparing your work to another person’s art. Try not to do this. What you have to offer is what makes an artwork interesting. There may be times that you feel stuck in your progress or blocked from proceeding any further. This happens to everyone. If you feel like you are getting stuck, take a break and be patient with yourself. The unique path one person takes while creating can be very different from someone else’s. That is the beauty of art. We all have different ideas, methods and approaches to drawing, and that is what makes art so wonderful. Forget about the idea of needing so-called talent or gaining accolades and awards for your work. Just draw. When drawing without rigid expectations or preconceptions, the power of drawing comes alive.

Basically, having a creative outlet makes us happier people. Make time in your week to spend a bit of time drawing your own “cool stuff” and don't worry about the final product. Enjoy the journey!

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